AEROSOL Installation - Melbourne

AEROSOL – the quality of air Installation, 2018

RMIT Gallery, Melbourne (AU)


The “Aerosol installation” investigates evaporation processes and traditional concepts of conditioning air with natural essences and aerosols. Inspired by the so called ‘Graduation Tower’ typologies the installation invites visitors to experience a vernacular health and wellbeing practice, which was developed in salt mining regions in Austria, Germany and Central Europe. A major concern of the collective’s artistic work are the humans sensorial emotions, which are strongly rooted in environmental experiences. Light, wind, temperature, humidity, as well as plants, soils and minerals are parts of natural processes and conditions, which couple us humans inextricably with our direct environment. Referring to Tor Nørretranders who said: “When you take a breath, you touch a part of the planet, with the inside of your body“ the continuous sensorial interaction of our bodies and the ecosphere is becoming even more clear.

Aerosol thus invites visitors to smell, experience and inhale the breathable saline aerosols and ethereal oils with their own body. ‘Graduation Tower’ typologies have been used in the 18th century for salt production and gained importance for its beneficial health effects only later. Alike the traditional building principles, the Aerosol installation wall is filled with bundles of the native ‘Melaeluca uncinata’ shrub. Through the dripping of saline water, ethereal oils and essences are vaporising and unleashed to the air in the gallery. Simply by being in the gallery space, everybody is inhaling the aerosols, which activate the lungs for higher blood circulation and clean off the mucous membrane.

In contrast to the 22°C indoor air conditioned spaces, which we tend to inhabit especially in developed countries for almost 90% of our humans life span, the Aerosols installation provokes a reversed perspective. With this work, we are aiming at contributing to a critical debate on how the quality of air impacts our health, as well as highlighting the potentials of reinventing low-tec air conditioning prototypes in relation to current planetary challenges like climate change and air pollution.

Curated by:
Malte Wagenfeld with Jane Burry

Group Exhibition “DYNAMICS OF AIR“, 2018

Many thanks for funding to:
Mag. Karl Hartleb – ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Australia
Dr. Bernhard Zimburg – Austrian Embassy Canberra
RMIT Gallery

Special thanks for advice and assistance to
Alberica Domitilla Bozzi
Sophia Pearce
Peter Knoll

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