For us air is one of the most important food for human beings. It connects all live on our planet earth. Air lets us breathe every minute. We all share air. Everybody is an expert about air. Please share your thoughts, imaginations and ideas about AIR here in this blog.

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01 Air let me feel the inner side of my body which is incredible cool. 02 Air is the first element you experience when you are born and the last one when you die. 03 Without air no waves and no sound. 04 Air is the most underestimated good on earth. 05 Wim Hof
posted on: 2021-07-19 12:08:37
post author: Sandra
If I compare the air I had to breath last summer which was so hot in Graz to this year summer with much more humidity it is so enormous different for me. Biking through the city was hard for me last year in summer. I'm asking myself how it was for children? For elderly people? For people with respiratory problems? For dogs? Biking through the city with much traffic means for me breathing terribly smelling air. Biking close to the river facilitates me to breath. Also biking in the evening or during the night facilitates me to breath. Wearing a mouth-nose-protection makes me more attentive about the act of breathing. I'm worried about the aspect that the temperature increases from year to year and the air becomes warmer.
posted on: 2020-08-04 19:57:57
post author: Eva
Water surfaces beautifully reveal the alleged invisibility of Air.
posted on: 2020-04-15 20:39:27
post author: MJ
Almost blue hour over the roofs of Graz. Air has many faces.
posted on: 2020-04-14 18:55:38
post author: Jasmin
Wolken sind das Schönste in der Natur, sie verändern sich kontinuierlich und zeigen damit auf die Dynamik von Klima und Wetter.
posted on: 2020-04-01 09:45:36
post author: MJ
Sometimes on winter mornings air does beautiful things.
posted on: 2020-01-17 16:05:57
post author: breather

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