AiRSHIP 01 - mobile forest


AIRSHIP 01: MOBILE FOREST is a mobile landscape and climate installation, which travelled around Italy in 2016 and is supposed to travel further around Europe in 2017. The inside of AIRSHIP 01 offers visitors a rich sensual experience for the whole body and natural refreshment in the middle of a forest glade, open to the sky – in the center of the city.
It shows a new way of designing with ecologies and climate in urban contexts and invites pedestrians to pause and relax for a while.

The form of AIRSHIP 01 is inspired by the spatial and sensual qualities of a forest glade and provides a central place for human interaction. By creating a sphere open to the sky the inside and outside atmospheres become connected and allow a unique perspective on the surrounding. AIRSHIP 01 works completely independently and can be reassembled and set up in any other location within 1 day. Its electricity is provided by a mobile battery pack with photovoltaic charger. The structure consists of three main elements: Vegetation boxes, the climate membrane mounted on structural timber elements and the technical tools assisting the vegetation to create the climate.

The blank and shiny membrane is aiming to contrast with the existing surrounding. At night the translucent membrane has a shiny appearance and the plants become visible from the outside. During the day 79% of solar radiation is reflected by the metallic low-E membrane and allows to create an active dialogue with the forest patch in the inside – a cool and fresh atmosphere for the visitors.

The remaining 21% sunlight enable the natural performance of the AIRSHIP 01: photosynthesis and evapotranspiration. The natural evapotranspiration processes of the leaves are supported by technical installations of high pressure fog nozzles. The forest vegetation consists of 14 middle-size trees up to 5 meters height and more than 240 shrubs, flowers and grasses, that are creating a lush ground cover.

Based on the idea of an ecological air conditioning without chemical pollution, AIRSHIP 01 aims to create a place for refreshing our minds while being in a healthy environment. It aims to discuss the agency of nature in our designed and living environment. AIRSHIP 01 should spread awareness on the consequences of air pollution and provide a prototypical solution for this emerging tasks.

Airship01 in Padua (c) Michele Novaga

Airship01 in Milan (c) Michele Novaga


Airship01 in Rome (c) Simon Oberhofer


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