Vienna Architecture Summer School


Air cooling in urban climates
Breathe Earth Collective is giving an one-week-course during “Vienna architecture summer school 2022” in Vienna. The workshop is led by @Breathe Earth Collective in collaboration with @materialnomaden

Duration: 5th-11th September at Karlsplatz Vienna
Final presentation & public exhibition: Sun, 11th September

Ongoing climate change is getting more and more visible in our sealed cities due to heat, drought, extreme rainfall and the loss of biodiversity. Solutions how architecture can contribute to liveable urban space are more than necessary to provide healthy climates for non-human and humans especially in hot periods.

In this workshop Breathe Earth Collective’s ongoing research of combining the built environment with the concepts of nature to generate refreshing micro climates in urban spaces, is going to generate the basis to create a joint prototypical installation. In collaboration with materialnomaden, we are going to source and select materials from their circular material practice, where materials from deconstructed buildings get harvested and re-used.

Together we are going to design and build a 1:1 wall prototype, that is working with the principle of natural cooling and inspired by vernacular structures from historical examples, we will work with reused building components.

During the implementation process we are going to have exchange and debates about the principles of urban cooling, climate-culture, circular design, etc., and we will visit two permanent Coolspot installations and the archive of materialnomaden at Kegelhalle in Vienna.

Workshop will be led by Markus Jeschaunig and Lisa Maria Enzenhofer (Breathe Earth Collective) and Andrea Kessler and Peter Kneidinger (materialnomaden)

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